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The inspiration for Absurd Marinade was born in 2013, prompted by a challenging circumstance: my sister's diagnosis with ITP, an autoimmune disorder that leads to the immune system attacking one's own blood platelets, resulting in mounting medical expenses. It was during this time that my father, Alan Roach, decided to revisit his childhood favorite, Speedy's marinated steak sandwiches to sell them as a potential solution for the bills. However, when he couldn't find the marinade he remembered using as a child, he embarked on a culinary journey in our kitchen, crafting his own unique marinade. This homemade creation sparked a revelation.

A golden opportunity arose when my dad had the chance to serve these steak sandwiches at a significant event, and the response was nothing short of remarkable. The crowd was captivated by the unparalleled flavor and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of our steak sandwiches. At that moment, it became evident that the marinade was the answer we had been seeking to alleviate the mounting hospital bills.

With determination and a newfound passion for culinary innovation, my dad obtained a business license and collaborated with a manufacturer to bottle his extraordinary creation, thus giving birth to Absurd Marinade. Today, our mission is twofold: not only do we offer this exceptional marinade to the world, but we also dedicate ourselves to raising funds for the PDSA, striving to support research efforts aimed at finding a cure for ITP.

For more details on our remarkable journey, please explore our complete story.

Thank you,

The Roach Family

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