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The idea to create Absurd Marinade came to us in 2013 after my sister was diagnosed with (ITP). An autoimmune disorder such as ITP causes your immune system to attack and destroy your own blood platelets. Our medical expenses were mounting. Eventually, my dad Alan Roach decided to sell some marinated steak sandwiches from his childhood called Speedys. While looking for the marinade he used as a kid, he couldn't find it. In the kitchen, my father developed his own marinade, which led to the creation of Absurd Marinade. My dad had the opportunity to sell steak sandwiches at a big function coming up, and the results were amazing. Everyone loved the flavor and tenderness of the steak sandwiches. In the end, my dad found that the marinade was the solution, so we decided to sell the marinade to help pay for the mounting hospital bills. When my dad obtained his business license and found a manufacturer who would bottle his creation, Absurd Marinade was born. We now dedicate our business to help raise money for the PDSA to help find a cure for ITP

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Thank you,

The Roach Family

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